Chinese technology company is stable in investment in Turkey

The Distributorship agreement signed between H3C and Boğaziçi Holding subsidiary Bosphorus Computer with H3C, the Distributorship Agreement is transformed into physical investment. H3C International Trade Vice President Richard Xie, while Turkey's H3C is in the priority country in foreign investments, while the Boğaziçi Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Board Abdullah Tecdelioğlu had the probability investment in the case of Turkey.

Philips, Dyson, Kyocera and Corsair Like the global technology giants, which is a partner of the Giants, which is the Chinese-centered Router, modem and Switcher manufacturer H3C, which is signed for the Distributor of H3C, the Distributorship agreement, which are signed to the Distributorship agreement, the Distributorship Agreement is returned to the physical investment. The Chinese Technology Devi, at least 200 people in Turkey in the factory investment in the factory investment decided to be employed. Boğaziçi Holding Chairman Abdullah Tecdelioğlu, Boğaziçi Computer General Manager Ümit Önder, Boğaziçi Computer Marketing Manager Neslihan Özdemir, H3C International Trade Vice President Richard Xie, H3C Turkey Country Manager Felix Zhao, H3C Turkey Channel Sales and Development Director of Turkey Sale and H3C Turkey Manager Gavin Zhang addressed the details of the most likely investment in the last date.
"Our industry just wins our country"

Boğaziçi Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Abdullah Tecdelioğlu used the following statements in the assessment of the subject: "Investment of the Chinese Devin in Turkey, the idea of ​​investment in Turkey with H3C is a subject in our agenda since the beginning. We signed successful projects in our business partnership that started approximately 2 years ago. We arrive at the beginning of the countries where H3C exhibits the most growth after China. This situation strengthens the possibility of realizing our production investment, which we want to implement since the beginning of the process. Thinking of a Chinese technology giant in Turkey is a great meaning to our sector and our country. The possible investment will take place around the Marmara Region. With the factory to life, Turkey, H3C will be the production base in the region. This means that Turkey's regional countries export high-tech products to countries. H3C's trust in our country is full. The importance of this investment is great for us. We have no other chance to produce and produce for stable growth. "

"Our Priority Country Turkey"

 Chinese based technology giant's last year, saying that he has recorded 166 percent in global market in the global market, Richard Xie is the vice-president of H3C International Trade in Richard Xie, "Relations in the political, economic and security areas between Turkey and China are stronger every year. We are talking about a country in the middle of Europe, Asia and African markets. Dynamic population and increasing technology investments in recent years in investment in Turkey in investment factors. The main agenda of our meeting was the common investment we planned to perform with Bogaziçi Holding. This year we have to expand the H3C product range in line with the demands from international markets. Turkey, GLOBALDE is among our priority countries. As a brand that has newly logged in to Turkey to the Boğaziçi Computer he gave us to the Bosphorus Computer and I would like to thank once again for the courage they have shown. We will invest in Turkey market and continue to support our business partners. " used their statements.

About H3c

H3C is an industry leader in digital solutions, it is self-defined to be the most reliable partner of business partners and customers for job innovation and digital conversion. Data storage has a complete digital infrastructure product portfolio, including network communication, security and related areas. Cloud information, large data, artificial intelligence, intelligent connection, 5G, information security and integrating new generation security, providing comprehensive, a single point digital platform, while the internet (IOT) of the objects (IOT) and end-to-end technical service It offers. In order to achieve this, it creates a serious amount of investments every year, creates innovative products and solutions. 50 percent of the total number of employees of the company constitute representatives of R & D department. H3C products and solutions are used today with great customer satisfaction in more than 100 countries.
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