Boğaziçi Holding, which is related to the foundations of Boğaziçi Bilgisayar, one of the most important manufacturers of the IT sector, in 1984, the first domestic brand Aidata, was established in 2020. Since the first application it was established, it has been offering different products, presentations and services by offering different services in informatics, information technologies, electronics, corporate solutions and hardware.

Our holding, Boğaziçi Computer, Boğaziçi Distribution and Informatics, Aidata, Networker, Aidata Game Systems (Warp), Tecpro, EBS, Tecera and Endeks Bilişim are the leading and drawn ones. Apart from these sectors, the Vadi Koru project in the real estate sector and the services that provide housing and workplace rental services within the real estate investments.

We aimed to expand its entry into service and target by reviewing the first design in which it operated.

Boğaziçi Holding is the value of Tecde Group, the foundations of which were laid in 1915. Tecde Group employees address different sectors with 21 different group companies in the information technologies, construction, real estate and energy sectors. Tecde Group will not be a big family with the number 1600.


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