On 'Courage, Love and Respect';

Our valued business partners and employees who play a key role in bringing Boğaziçi Holding to where it is today;

We laid the foundations of Boğaziçi Holding in 1984, when I was still a student at Boğaziçi University, together with five of my schoolmates, and we founded Boğaziçi Bilgisayar. 37 years ago, we saw the interest of our people in technology and their adaptation to informatics in a very short time, and this encouraged us. From the first day, we set out with steps that will provide employment for future generations and our country, and aim to reach value-added, entrepreneurial, sustainable, environmentalist and large masses and areas.

I started my business life with Tecde Group, the foundations of which were laid in 1915 and today it is considered as one of the leading industrial organizations in its field in Turkey. While I was born and raised in Malatya to an industrialist and producer family, I found myself studying Civil Engineering in Istanbul. In this process, I found myself in the informatics and computer industry while I was in search of a different and original search that would make up for the deficiencies of the conditions of that day. I am proud to be the founder and stakeholder of a sustainable ecosystem that steers its sector today, which includes eleven different IT companies, and most importantly, offers innovative solutions to its business partners, investors and employees.

As a country, our product development with high added value is of great importance for future generations. This is due to our focus on the IT sector and accelerating investments in this area.

As Boğaziçi Holding, we will continue to contribute to our country's youth employment, to develop innovative products and to contribute to our country's total exports.

Kind regards,


Abdullah Tecdelioglu

Bogazici Holding Chairman of the Board
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