85% growth in home computing products

Gürkan Şengil, Managing Partner of Boğaziçi Distribution, a subsidiary of Boğaziçi Holding, said: "The winning product groups of 2020 were IT products, which are essential for living at home and have achieved a net growth of 85% compared to the previous year. Headphones, portable computers, tablets and peripherals. We observed more than 90 percent growth in units. Especially digitalization and digital transformation accelerated." The Covid-19 epidemic, which upset the balance of the world, caused the economic and social life to be reshaped. Changing daily life routines have become a serious factor in the preference of information products more than in previous years. According to Gürkan Şengil, Managing Partner of Boğaziçi Distribution within Boğaziçi Holding, the winners of the pandemic year were home-type IT products. With the effect of the new order, especially personal care, robot and vertical vacuum cleaners, air cleaning devices grew by more than 100 percent compared to the previous year. TWO GIANT BRANDS INSTALLED

Stating that Boğaziçi Distribution has acquired two important brands in 2020, Şengil said, "As a company, we carefully select the brands we represent. Our goal is to offer a careful and meticulous, 360-degree service to the brands we represent, rather than representing too many brands. We have made distributorship agreements with Dyson Professional and Philips.We serve as the sole authorized distributor of headphones, sound systems, power banks and accessories under the Philips brand.At Dyson, our main focus is 'Airblade' hand dryer products, and we work on office solutions that provide savings and hygienic environment. "


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